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Your brain needs the right mix of vitamins and nutrients to help prevent brain health decline. SCIOXEN® COGNITION ESSENTIALS is clinically proven to help reverse the effects of brain malfunction.


Our formulation contains three highly potent bioactives that are associated with slowing brain health decline processes and nurturing healthy cells.


o   Promote the formation of new neurons and connections between neurons.

o   Improve brain functions like memory, behavior and mood

o   Protect the brain against damage caused by free radicals

Fish Oil based EPA & DHA

o   Enhance communication between brain cells and neuron-protecting tissues

o   Vital for normal brain function and development

o   Improves in mental symptoms and brain function


o   Treatments for dementia and traumatic brain injury

o   Prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s

o   Improve memory and attention and minimize the processes that cause cell death

o   Superior antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and lipophilic action improves the cognitive functions



The advanced proprietary technologies are employed to enhance bioavailability, ensuring bioactives to be well absorbed and delivered to brain.

  • PhytoPlex Formulation Technology: phospholipid complexation technology converting water soluble compounds such as Ginsenosides into fat compatible molecular complex, improving brain bioavailability.
  • Amplified Absorption Formulation Technology: the complexed ingredients are encapsulated by oil in water emulsion droplets, resulting a significantly higher absorption and brain bioavailability.

You might be one of categories below who needs SCIOXEN® COGNITION ESSENTIALS

  • Worried-well: Individuals who are in good health but are concerned for their overall health and well-being and would like to protect their brain function as they age.
  • Aging: Generally aged over 50.
  • At risk: Those who may have experienced a head injury, stroke or have been exposed to neurotoxins due to livelihood or environment. Also, those who may have a family history of neurodegenerative conditions, or other causes for concern.
  • Non-professional athletes: Individuals who are recognized for participation in healthy lifestyle/sport regimes.
  • Students: Young academically-focused adults looking for better mental acuity and sharper memory.

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